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Pulpwatch.org is a project to increase transparency in the pulp and paper supply chain and assist large volume buyers in identifying environmental leadership and reducing their risk. The map displays mills that sell pulp on the open market.

Users can click here to view and sort the world's market pulp mills by various criteria, use the menu to the right or can navigate using the map above.

The best and worst market pulp mills in the world are highlighted below in green and red according to criteria established consistent with the Global Paper Vision and plotted by comparing the average rating of each mill using a standard distribution model.

These ratings do not imply an endorsement of the products by the Environmental Paper Network.

Please contact us to update information, share feedback and/or support the development of this project.

Produced in partnership with The Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research.

PulpWatch.org is in no way affiliated with the industry news web site, www.pulpwatch.com.